Guitar / Ukulele Builds

Due to a genetic disease in my hand called Dupuytren's contracture I can no longer play my guitar like I used to, but about 18 months ago a set of circumstances had me messing around with a Ukulele and I found the small size made it easier to play.

Being left handed it wasn't that hard to flip the uke over and swap the strings for a lefty, I didn't have to cut a new nut or worry about bridge compensation...................but if you want a cut out to reach frets higher up on the fretboard or electronics you are completely stuffed.

When you live in a right handed world you become very handy at modifying pretty much everything you need to for your own use. Guitars are no exception and have been modifying them for many years.

Recently I decided to get serious about becoming a Luthier and start making my own left handed instruments, in particular acoustic Ukuleles with cut outs and amplification. 

So this has presented some real problems to someone who live in a unit or flat (on the ground floor at least) tools, larger machinery, noise, dust, and a kitchen that now doubles as a workshop :-P

I'll do a separate post on where I got the electronics and how I fitted the electronics on this later

Here's the electronics I fitted to my Lanikai Tenor

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