Monday, November 30, 2015

I really need to update

I really need to update this blog and my excuse for not doing so is pretty lame ;-)

I've slowly been changing over to open source software.

My laptop now duel boots into Linux Mint and Windows 8.1 and much of my image manipulation ie photoshop is now gimp or another free open source piece of software.

I'm even learning Blender

but the reason for keeping things duel boot is because of running software that linux won't run (With the same reliability)

My car died and a lot of extra effort is going into raising enough money to repair or replace it, so I've lost my focus on this blog as it needs to be on the back burner until things all get back to normal.

I need to add an updated demo reel but I think it can wait as not much that I can easily show has been filmed. No one want to watch me pull my hair out scripting lol

Friday, May 8, 2015

Facial Rigging Bone Based

Published on 7 May 2015
Paul Neale

Three hour facial rigging master classs in 3DS Max.This was a live class that was recorded

Monday, December 22, 2014

The VRay ebooks are available for download again

Introducing : FX TD Transformation

THE ULTIMATE 32 WEEK INTENSIVE! - Continue your path to greatness as we switch gears and shift our focus entirely to FX! Take a look at what you’ll learn and how it will guarantee you start to see real results.

Become faster, more skilled, more powerful - this course will bridge high-end production FX with Coding and Automation and complete power to customize and create your own FX tools for shot development.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

A new blog

I've got a new blog about making musical instruments
Any big goals for next year? Here's the 3rd video ...

Hi, have you gotten all your xmas shopping done?! :)

First of all I just want to say thank you to everyone, this has been a huge undertaking and all of the hundreds of emails as well as messages across facebook and other social media has been amazing! I'm still replying to many comments, messages and emails so if I haven't responded yet I just want to say thank you right now, and I am getting to it! :)

I've already heard a lot of great stories of where these techniques I've shown you have been applied to many productions already, some of which I'm kind of jealous about because they're a few of my favorite movies coming out next year! But that is truly awesome!

Here's a link to the 3rd video

Download the files in the video

As you can imagine, gaining a solid understanding of developing tools for high end production you can truly push your career to an entirely new level, and that's what the entire experience is about, preparing you for 2015 and giving you the tools to transform your career and get much more stability in your career as well as financially, and really showcase a new ability that is in such high demand these days yet very few people tend to have it.

With FX, we have all learned to use FumeFX, Thinking Particles, Krakatoa, Particle Flow, Realflow, all the necessary tools but we haven't harnessed their real power and potential by being able to combine both our creative and technical abilities as one. If you could develop your own custom FX tools, automate what you do day to day, and typically do what most supervisors and leads do at the big studios - how would that benefit your career? How would that give you more confidence in your typical day to day projects as well as more importantly the future projects and studios you want to work with?

I know a few of you have already been jumping the gun asking about the course and both where to sign up, how much and also about licenses. I'll get to that shortly, I will say Cebas has been awesome in offering free Thinking Particles 6 licenses for everyone for the duration of the course (8 months), as well as the option to get a license beyond that for a discounted rate. So that is so awesome, I'm also close to getting licenses for everyone for Realflow too but that isn't finalized just yet. But that means for most of 2015 you'll have a license of possibly Realflow, FumeFX and Thinking Particles 6!

So that alone is super cool but I will have more information on this 8 month interactive mentorship program in the next and final video I'll be sending you, I will say that positions in this course will fill up fast so it's likely to be in the first 2-3 days so I'll just let you know to mark your calendars for 10am (Los Angeles time) Sunday, to look out for an email, I will be sending directly to you, last time I ran a course similar to this it sold out in just over a week, but this time around because this will be an interactive mentorship course, I am letting only a small number of people in, so it is guaranteed to fill up much faster than that. The FX mentorship is completely interactive and will go for 8 months so I imagine it will be quite a while before it's run again! So keep an eye out for the final video I'll be sending with more information on signing up for the course Sunday 10am LA time!

Thanks and I truly honor you for having the ambition to want to step your skills up and gain new abilities, I really value those who do have that motivation and hunger for success and it's far and few between - we're the ones who work the late nights and burn the midnight oil to be the best we can be and make our impression on the industry, so I want to congratulate you on this, it's definitely how I got to where I am, never giving up and total focus on hitting those goals! Keep it up!

PS. So again here's a link to the video and keep an eye out for Sunday 10am!