Monday, June 28, 2010

Rock Maker v1.8

Ok I've made even more changes to the Rock Maker script and thought it deserved another point on the version number.

I've set the luminance to on and included a spinner to control its centre point.
Luminance Center  
Determines which level of gray Displace uses as the zero displacement value. 
By default, Displace centers the luminance by using medium (50 percent) gray as the zero displacement value. Gray values greater than 128 displace in the outward direction (away from the Displace gizmo) and gray values less than 128 displace in the inward direction (toward the Displace gizmo). Use the Center spinner to adjust the default. With a Planar projection, the displaced geometry is repositioned above or below the Planar gizmo. Default=0.5. Range=0 to 1.0.
This makes some interesting variations in the Rocks so I had to include it.

I've uploaded the zip file but have yet to update Vimeo or youtube


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