Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Maxscript installing - answer to question on scriptspot

Thank you,
I was looking at http://www.scriptspot.com/3ds-max/tutorials/creating-maxscript-installers and had used it on an old script of mine.

The 2 reasons I didn't use it for the Rock Maker was because,
1. I was unsure how Vista and 7 dealt with Max's file structure as I'm still using XP.

2. Max has a tendency to Automatically want to place scripts into the Documents and settings, [user] ,local settings, Application data, Autodesk, 3dsmax, 2010 - "32", enu, ui, and usericons usermacros.

At the time, my uncertainty about this annoying little feature made me unsure if I should include this path as well, and then that lead me back to question 1. which put my brain in a loop :).

So I said F#@k it and uploaded it anyway without an installer (after all, max people are all good looking Genesis) until I had researched further.

ps It was your script that lead me to create some icons as well (even tho mine suck) so thank you for the inspiration. My other script is a modelling planes (image planes) script as well and I wasn't aware that there were so many of them out there.
I stupidly thought it was a new and original idea haha until it dawned on me to search.


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