Thursday, August 5, 2010

Update 5th August

Found this site for creating avatars - links to e-mail address
just because I'm so busy (read "Lazy") ;)

I'm still converting the Rock scripts to a plugin but I've been feeling a bit sick, so it will still take some time. I still need to answer the question of the best way to tackle it. I tried one way (by Extending), but maxscript throws up some awkward likes and dislikes that my stupid brain cant get I'm back at the drawing board.

I think I'll create the box shape from scratch, which means I'll be pulling apart plugin tutes from Bobo (MaxScript__Scripting_a_Plug-in) and Michele Bousquet.(Creating a Custom Parametric Object with MAXScript)

Luke (Stupid brain doesn't work any more!) Pettit

Bang Bang Bang......hey, would you keep it quiet?, we're trying to sell drugs in here!.
(Simpsons episode: Where Bart divorces his parents and moves into a loft under Tony Hawk)

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