Monday, December 13, 2010

Answer to a CG Society request and Max 2010 file

Question on CG Society
How could i Link an object to a bend modifier (if i have a cilinder bending, i want the sphere on top of it to follow the cilinder while he s bending)
It is possible?

My answer 
Use an attachment constraint to fix a point helper to the top of the cylinder with the bend modifier on it and link the sphere to the point helper.

You don't need the point helper but having an intermedietry can be handy for fine adjustment and if you want to place some distance between the objects

>Max File<


  1. Want to see this tutorial unforturately the file is not available...

  2. I cant believe I've only just seen this comment please accept my apologies. If you are still looking I can do something for you.

  3. File is back up, sorry about that, it got lost in my house keeping and computer change over