Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mass Setting Helper formally openNexter

I've made a lot of changes to the script.
1. Added v-ray as a renderer
2. Frame rate
3. Start Animation
4. Save Render
5. Time output

The .ini file does not store the Renderer, the Render size or animation range.
The ini file is stored/placed in the main Max directory

Useful to run through a batch of scene files from different members of a team working on a project prior to rendering to ensure each is set up with the same settings.
The script could aslo be used to set up one master file before a movie project is started to give the members the same settings so everyone is on the same page. ie make one max file with the name master and send it to everyone as a starting base with some of the settings already set so people all start with the same file.
The script should work on most max versions 2008.....2012.
Just use the start button on one file and then open next for a whole heap, it'll set all the parameters and saves automatically.
This has been setup for the pal and hdtv formats as well as version V-Ray Ad2.03
If you'd like me to change something to better suit what youre doing contact me at or leave a comment
This script was origionally called openNexter by steev d kelly
so all credit goes to him I just changed it to suit my needs I hope it helps you.
Download from the link on the right -->
to install just drag and drop into a viewport then go to customise user interface and look for Lukes' Tools or view my tute on installing the rockMaker script

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