Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hi everyone, I've finally remembered a video I saved from
2010 Siggraph from Nils Norgren (Neoscape)
You can watch it here
Where he shows how to use the point cache modifier to build
stadium seating with maxscript (I should point out that on my laptop
I can't actually make out what he is typing!) I've been
experimenting with what he's says and finally think I've got most
of the first part of his code worked out. I've still to do the bit where
he uses a dummy to to start the revealing.
There are also other videos here as well, all worth a look.

He mentions this user group and I'd love
to get hold of the max file to pull it apart.

Anyway on the right hand side of the web page are some links to
other meetings they've had and in 2010 Nil's does a small video
of using loops and random() on some boxes, which if you're a
beginning maxscripter is well worth watching there is also a
video on macro scripts by Someone called Seth which I'm about
to watch after typing this.
Oh yeah I'm also reading/watching this as well

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