Sunday, August 28, 2011

TurnTable update

I've updated the TurnTable script to 1.5
From a request from Mr Anonymous I've added the Vray Physical Camera,
& hidden the Camera Dummy so it doesn't get in the way visually.
I'll work on resetting the tangents back to whatever they were but
don't hold your breath
Download from the link on the right ->
or from ScriptSpot
EDIT: Now up to 1.6
If you don't have Vray installed the radio buttons are disabled
Now when you click on VrayPhys it changes the renderer to Vray at the same time.
It also saves your in/out Tangents so when you hit reset it returns them
back to want they were.
It may be better to put this on a separate button so you can do this
whenever you want and leave everything else alone.
I now have it resetting on closing the rollout

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