Sunday, October 23, 2011

Latest TurnTable update

Well here is the latest update to the TurnTable script
It now reports the frame as a time ie 100 frames = 4 seconds @ 25fps
It also tells you the number of total frame regardless of the
animation start or end.

Despite this, it seems people want to be able to open up an old scene
with a turn table in it and be able to adjust the parameters which is not
do-able via the script ATM.
There are two ways to do this that I know of one is Custom attributes
the other is to create the rig and then pick the things you want to change
by pick buttons. I've yet to decide how to tackle this and as it is a WIP
let me know of any problem, wants, desires and I'll do my best to stuff
help you around lol

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  1. I'll be looking at making changing this one as well