Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm not dead despite the lack of posts

Ok, I've been working all over the place trying to get myself de-blahhhhed.
A little UDK and it's scripting language, a little python a little C# and a lot of confusion.

I'm back now (well sort of) to work on the "Rockme" script.
This is the script that goes hand in hand with the rock maker script.
Rockme allows you to take practically any mesh and apply the same
modifiers as in the Rockmaker script, as if you didn't already know! lol
It' now allows you to change the settings on the fly on the object as
you watch, there is very little error checking atm but it is coming..
I'm not sure about adding the presets yet, so if you're one of the
very few following along at home, feel free to voice your opinion on the subject.
I'll be adding the ability to click once for copying your high res mesh
and maybe adding an unwrap and some projection mods for RTT
Though you may have to un wrap the object yourself I'll be able to get
a lot of the tedious stuff ready for you.
If someone would like to be a tester let me know.

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