Saturday, June 2, 2012

Maxscript snippet

The following bit of code will set your renderer to Vray and all the material slots to a Vray material.
This is a macro but feel free to do what you want with it, or just ask me and I'll make the changes for you.
Copy this code and save it as VrayMaterial.mcr using notepad or some text editor or word processor.

macroScript VrayMaterial
Category: "Lukes' Tools"
internalCategory:"Lukes' Tools"
buttontext: "Vray Mat"
Tooltip:"Sets the renderer and all the materials to vray"
renderers.current = VRay()
for i = 1 to 24 do
setMEditMaterial i (VRayMtl ())

edit: I should point out that it doesn't have any error checking so it will error if you don't have vray installed. Yeah yeah, I know, but someone might try!

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