Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Creating a Procedural Tree in MAXScript

This is a beginner level introduction to MAXScript that will show you how to create, move, scale, and rotate objects. You'll learn how to create animations, use the for loop, and create random variations.


  1. Nice post! Thx a lot, i was trying to get into the MAXScript lately, but so far i was able to make a "moving ad animation script: http://www.3d-sphere.com/basic-tutorials/using-maxscript-to-animate-an-advertisement-inside-3ds-max". Pretty simple, but you have to start somewhere :P Anyway, thx for ths post!

  2. I've been so busy that I missed your comment until now. My apologies for the late response but thank you. I'm glad the link helped in some way I'll check out the one you posted. I'm now going back to re re re re study Python as I keep starting and stopping the learning process as other things get in the way. :) So many 3d programs use Python and it's a good choice although C# would be another good one to learn.