Friday, June 13, 2014

Technical Director Transformation Launch - Allan Mckay

Welcome to Video 3!

Probably the most beneficial skill that every artist typically does not have, is the ability to write artist tools, build procedural pipelines and automate 90% of their day to day tasks. The general reason behind this is most artists think it’s not for them, they can’t learn it be cause they’re A) not good at math or B) don’t know where to begin. You’re wrong!

By the way, this is a FREE intense training course on MaxScript for pipeline and tool production, designed for ARTISTS.
This video will teach you how to go one step further, after we create our rendered image sequence
Dynamic Asset Distribution
FX! We take our FX assets and begin to develop it into a tool we can dynamically apply across multiple shots easily

This course is like no other, we take a crash course into developing tools that you can use right away in production TODAY to help make your work-life easier. As well as give you a greater understanding of how powerful developing scripts and tools can be, to go far beyond what your expectations probably are. This is designed for artists – by artists – to showcase the power of developing tools as a creative!

If you want to improve your career and increase your job stability, there is no other ability you should learn more than being able to code.

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