Friday, April 29, 2016


Ok I'm back sort of.
I had to go back to windows as I just couldn't do the open source thing they way I wanted or thought might be possible. I suppose it was down to my ignorance of linux.

I'm still riding the open source train but will supplement it with the programs that simply do the bloody job without writing my own linux variant to do so. It has its place I guess but if you're trying to get things done, taking a break to learn some linux thing to do that, was interfering with my creative juices lol.

I'm getting into 3d printing in a way I hadn't expected and like many drugs I hope the novelty wears off soon as it's now another hobby/interest making demands on time I don't have already.

I need to get back to my Python Programming studies and my piano lessons now my car problem has been errr well temporally fixed.

I need to re-look at my Rockmaker maxscript along with a few others and make them more efficient.

Here's Paul Neales latest video from Pen Productions


1 comment:

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