Monday, November 30, 2015

I really need to update

I really need to update this blog and my excuse for not doing so is pretty lame ;-)

I've slowly been changing over to open source software.

My laptop now duel boots into Linux Mint and Windows 8.1 and much of my image manipulation ie photoshop is now being done in gimp or another free open source piece of software.

I'm even learning Blender, but the reason for keeping things duel boot is because of running software that linux won't run (With the same reliability)

My car died and a lot of extra effort is going into raising enough money to repair or replace it, so I've lost my focus on this blog as it needs to be on the back burner until things get back to normal.

I need to add an updated demo reel, but I think it can wait as not much that I can  show has been filmed. No one wants to watch me pull my hair out scripting lol

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