Monday, August 30, 2010

Rock Maker

I've made some really cool changes to the Rock Maker Script..............yes still working on it :)

I keep getting distracted from my original goal to make the spinners interactive hahaha but it now has some help functionality and I'm half way through adding the low poly stuff. It can now clone the original rock collapse it to an edit poly, add a uvw_unwrap and projection modifier for applying a normal map. I'm up to adding the projection modifiers details and then I'll be doing the render to texture stuff.

While many people visit this site, no one leaves any comments (normally this is fine) but I'd like to know if anyone uses the code snippets I've been leaving, or just any comments about Maxscript in general.

Would you like some maxscript basic lessons or tutorials, or would you like me to detail where I get my maxscript info on the net. I also turn any written scripting tutorials into pdf's and file them away for future reference, would you like me to put them up so you can download them. nb. I don't always keep track of the sites I get these from, so attributing them to their original authors could be an issue, but I'm still willing to share the wealth so to speak.

Anyway have a good one


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