Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Freeing up Memory in 3d Max

Hi everyone,
To keep up with all the max news in all it's forms I subscribe to a lot of feeds via Google Reader and ran into this little gem about freeing up memory in max. I had heard, and used, the Garbage collection part of it before but must admit had forgotten about it until this reminder.

Just in case you're a beginner or not interested in scripting I've put it into a quick little macro for you.
You can just cut and paste the following or download it from my dropbox account on the right.


macroScript freeMemory
Category: "Lukes' Tools"
internalCategory:"Lukes' Tools"
buttontext: "Free Memory"
Tooltip:"Frees up memory"
Rollout freeMem "FreeMem"
button gColl "Garbage Collection" toolTip:"Press this button to Free up Memory."
button fScen "Free Scene Bitmaps" toolTip:"Press this button to Free up scene bitmaps."
button cUndo "Clear Undo Buffer" toolTip:"Press this button to clear the undo buffer."
button doAll "Run all three at once" toolTip:"Press this button to run all of the above three buttons."

on gColl pressed do (gc())
on fScen pressed do (freeSceneBitmaps())
on cUndo pressed do (clearUndoBuffer())
on doAll pressed do

if freeMem != undefined do destroyDialog freeMem
createdialog freeMem
addRollout freeMem


Use it before you're about to render and just to clean up after you've finished modelling etc.
If you'd like to know how to install it send me a quick comment on this site or e-mail me at

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