Monday, August 29, 2011

TurnTable v1.6 beta



  1. Hey luke, I tested it on both my machines.

    One has max 2011,with no vray installed and I can confirm vray camera option can't be selected as expected.

    Big thanks for adding these new features!

    One last thing, is there any chance to rename the objects created by this script so we could have a better scene organization.

    Suggested naming scheme:

    ttPath001 (for the circle)
    ttCamera001 (camera)
    ttTarget001 (camera's target)
    ttDummy001 (hidden dummy)

    so we could create another turntable setup in the same scene and names increment by one. e.g. ttPath002, etc.

    About that multiple turntable setup, there's a problem though. When I create the second turntable, old camera's target is used.

    I dont know if it makes sense but maybe it could be useful in some situations to have multiple turntable setups in the same scene.

    Thanks a lot!

  2. MMMmm the naming I can do.
    I'll look at the target name. I was trying make the code easier on me :) but there is probably a way around this. This part may take longer. I'll upload the update to the naming soon to 1.63