Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A very gentle introduction to MAXScript for Artists

A very gentle introduction to MAXScript for Artists

Embedded in one of the over 200 videos on the Autodesk 3ds Max learning channel on YouTube is a very practical introduction to MAXScript for people with no programming experience. At about 4 minutes into a video on using MassFX Amer shows how to use MAXScript to automate changing a property on over 300 objects. What is great about this is that Amer takes the time to explain everything that he is doing without assuming the audience is familiar with MAXScript.

What he shows introduces several basic concepts:
Using the MAXScript recorder to discover the necessary code how to change a desired property
What the "quot; symbol means (currently selected object)
How to change a property of all objects in the currently selected set

Its a great example of how one line of MAXScript code can save an artist a lot of wear and tear on their wrist!

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