Friday, January 18, 2013

Mental Ray and Particles not playing well together?

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Hi Luke
My particle flow system has very large amount particles (300.000-400.000) and i use "shape instance" operator with a high poly mesh

In regular way i cant render this pflow set-up because of total billion poly count... i choose mental ray as renderer with a little trick. i checked, render set-up / processing / memory options / use place holder objects option and in particle flows render operator / render result / mesh per particle option... with this two options all particles act as true instance and mental ray easily render (without any memory consumption) my scene in seconds but with this options, mental ray doesn't render animated particles via "active time segment" or "range" options... only first frame of particles processed and other frames dont... but when manually goto x frame and render... i see moved particles...
therefore, if i can render my frame manually, e.g.
- render first frame of my active timeline... then save it xxx0001.png
- then goto next frame... render it... then save it xxx0002.png
- then goto next frame... render it... then save it xxx0003.png
- and so go on till last frame of my timeline
then see my billion particles animated :)

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