Friday, January 18, 2013

Mental Ray and Pflow system not rendering properly

I've written a potential solution to the problem of Mental Ray and Pflow not rendering properly. Read the next blog entry
This is a v1.0  v1.1 so report any problem etc.
I've been a bit limited by how bitarray works as it takes numbers from 1 onward but not 0 which the time slider is set to. So you have to set the time config to use 1 as your start frame and add one more frame to the end.
I'm pretty sure I can code this out by hiding it to the user but it would still remain and I'm running out of spare time. I managed to get this far because of other things being delayed.

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You can download the script from the right hand side of this blog it's called StepRender v1.1
It doesn't have an ini file to save your setting to yet, so you'll have to just deal with that lol.

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