Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Create killer animation and 3D tools to work faster, better and easier in day to day production!

The fact is that as artists working in 3D, whether it's in animation, modeling, rigging, lighting or even FX - we all can benefit drastically from ability to write our own 3D tools and automate a lot of the tasks that we do day to day!
Even simple things like having 3DS Max automatically update where it's saving out it's renders to, and render elements every time you save a new Max file, or automatically convert your renders to quicktime .mov files and upload to your dailies folder for review once your renders are complete. Building asset publishing systems, automatically light your shots, scale scenes or even launch photoshop or other tools from inside of Max! There are so many cool things we can do with 3DS Max, utilizing Maxscript that pretty much any artist is going to benefit from taking the plunge and learning these unique skills, that instantly set you aside from every other artist in your studio! 
Typical courses like this you are expected to pay something in the price range of $3,500. AT LEAST! The course, going for over 14 weeks, with every week containg 5-6 lessons - I'll be honest, this course is insane! Every week receiving access to new videos, new content and mentoring from Allan McKay and even additional print-outs and other bonus gifts along the way! This course is by far the most robust course I've ever taught, whether it be online, or even private classes that I've taught at ILM, Ubisoft, Prime Focus, Autodesk, SIGGRAPH, or many other events. NOTHING IS LIKE THIS!

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