Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Video 5 - Script Interfaces & Preview Tools

Here we are, video 5! The final video of this mini course. This lesson we begin to look at creating interfaces to our tools as well as property overrides for our FX, so that we can change the values of our FX rather than being limited to the settings we saved in our asset file!
We go beyond that by creating our own Playblast (Animation Preview) tool, so that we can create custom previews, but more importantly we use this in conjunction with various other tools we develop to be able to scan the scenes we generated previously and automatically generate previews of each! This way we can review the effects that were created for our shot, without ever needing to open each of the video files up - or for submitting to dailies for review.
This is the final video of our mini course, I hope you enjoyed it! This is just a taste of Technical Director Transformation - more information to come on this 14 week intense course, if you thought five videos was a lot, imagine what you can do with another EIGHTY HIGH-END VIDEOS over the span of 14 weeks of intense thorough training starting from the ground up!

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