Thursday, December 18, 2014

FumeFX Interactive Lighting Tool


So I 'just' put up the second video now. I think this for a lot of FX TD's is going to be something really cool and useful - I know because I rely on this technique ALL THE TIME in production. It's pretty much the backbone of how I light my shots these days and it's extremely powerful!

Here's a link to the video here in case you're in a hurry

The concept will be all about setting up a tool to automatically light your scenes for you based on the fire in your shot. As we all know fire is a light source and now we can actually use it to literally light our shots. To avoid any weird 'hacked' lighting to try to match what the effects are doing, as well as avoid wasting hours lighting our shots to mimic the fire.

More importantly it will teach you a lot of really powerful concepts:
How to automatically optimize your scene for rendering
Set up Global Illumination tweaked specifically for FX
Turn all your FumeFX grids off from being visible to camera but still visible to light calculation
Create new shaders for your scene
Re-path your render output and build directories specifically for rendering your interactive lighting pass out
Create a new 'ready to render' scene file with all of these changes
Build an interface to make it all a one click process, as well as having additional controls to adjust sampling and lighting strength for the shot
So there's lots of really powerful techniques we're building here, and we're definitely covering a lot of great material.

What I want from you is to start to think "what else can I automate in my day to day workflow?" What else is there that you do a lot of that could benefit from a bit of scripting and automation?

There is so much power by developing tools, and yes at first it all seems very intimidating but I want to show you how to build scripts to make your effects not only easier, faster but also better!

Check out the video here

Download the files here

Thanks again

I have ONE more video coming and this one's a big one! So get ready for this, in the meantime enjoy this video, I included the download link so you don't need to wait! ;)

PS. The last video is coming, keep an eye out on your email in the coming days for the BIG ONE!

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