Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Video 1 is all about how to write your own FX tools

Allan McKay

OK guys - phew - this is out

This is a 3 part video series I've put together for x-mas

Video 1 is all about how to write your own FX tools to script rain and drips over objects, similar to what I developed for the game cinematic for Destiny.
There's also another video which uses Thinking Particles to literally just click an object and have it automatically fracture and explode apart, as well as generate FumeFX fire and smoke for it, again completely customizing it into a powerful way of writing your own tools.

The other is a surprise, but I'm also sending out the 3D files and scripts along with it!

More info to come, but this free mini course will only be available til xmas, so sign up for it now to check it out, because I have lots of stuff to come!

(I'll also send links to download the HD videos too so that you can keep them after xmas).

OK back to my podcast, xmas shopping and for those who sign up I'll send out the HD videos, files, and all the other good stuff as well as additional videos throughout this pre-xmas week!

Merry xmas everyone!


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